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Migration of traditional I.T Infrastructure onto Cloud Platform

Migration of traditional I.T Infrastructure onto Cloud Platform
One of the most trusted Market Research Company Gartner estimates that by 2013, 20% of businesses will own no IT assets. This is a very strong prediction supporting the decision to shift to virtualization and onto Cloud Computing. The way businesses have thought of IT and the traditional line of thinking may not be the right path to move towards the future. Cloud Computing is just not a third party server. It’s a network of servers offered by many of the globally trusted organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, Google & IBM to name a few. These are state of the art data centers managed by the best personnel in the industry confirming to the highest levels of integrity, security & robustness.

Cloud Computing is the answer to saving on licensing costs and also to reduce huge amounts of money spent on expensive hardware lowering TCO(Total Cost of Ownership), providing on-tap resources and metered usage. Businesses sometime are oblivious to the many hidden costs that traditional IT infrastructure brings with it. In order to have your own data centre up and running you need to spend on licensing costs, installing periodic patches & also keeping an army of network professionals to keep the system running and to trouble shoot problems/errors. Migrating on cloud saves you all these hassles and many other hidden ones.