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Migration from VB6 to .NET
KAN Software provides VB Migration Services to VB.NET. It has an expert team and Migration Tools that were developed internally by experts to automate part of the migration process.
The key new feature of VB.NET language is managed code that allows you to write and maintain code easily.
VB.NET gives you full access to the virtually unlimited power of the .NET Framework and allows you to easily integrate your application with many great features that you can use to extend your application, such as Web Services.
If you have an application in VB6 or earlier, our team can convert and migrate the application to VB.NET.
We are having the tools and we provide services to convert VB6 applications in Visual Basic 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012 projects.
We gurantee to convert project with components in vb.net while the automated tools available in the market will not convert VB components and generates compilation errors. We will convert the code with full satisfaction and complete testing.
** Features and benifits of VB.NET -
  • ADO.NET is better than ADO for data access.
  • Better ability to structure your code for ease of maintenance because of better support for object oriented programming language.
  • Better testability.
  • Overall a much better IDE.
  • WinForms has a much richer set of controls allowing you to build apps that are much easier for your users
  • Better compatibility with other applications and tools which gives an ease of integration.
** Why Us?
  • No Tools in the market can 100% convert the application to VB.NET. Many companies sell tools which gives lots of complilation errors and requires lot of efforts to understand and resolve those errors. We partner with you to provide an end to end service to successfully convert the application using our migration tools.
  • Tools in the market claim to convert the application however, replacing with VB.NET components has to be done manually to an extent which can be a challenge just with the tools. Our team runs through these activities for you to provide maximum benefit of the .NET platform.
  • We have a dedicated and expert team which has executed many such projects and can quickly turnaround the application with minimum conversion issues.
  • Our prices are highly competetive and you always get the value for your money.